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David Greenwald is a WordPress developer and system/database administrator in Portland, Oregon, who optimizes websites for speed and scale and builds responsive, accessible designs.

See my code on GitHub, read my tutorials on Rawkblog and contact me at [email protected].


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • Linux
  • WordPress
  • WP-CLI

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🚀 WordPress performance

Every second of website lag costs Amazon $1.6 billion. Be like Amazon: have a fast website. I'll evaluate every possible bottleneck, from DNS to the database to image optimization to asynchronous JavaScript, and won't stop until it's 2x better.

🛡 Security

Lock down your website, from two-factor authentication and plugin auditing to powerful firewalls, 24/7 monitoring and backup solutions.

🖥 Web Hosting & Server Migration

Professional-grade hosting you can afford, engineered for your business on the modern WordPress stack: Nginx, PHP 7+, MySQL 5.7, FastCGI Cache, OPCache, and Redis. Let's crash-proof your website.

✏️ Web Design

Get a beautiful from-scratch custom theme or let's fix up the one you already have with responsive, accessible design for every screen and user.


Google-friendly code updates, link evaluation, keyword ranking—or content strategy from an award-winning writer with over a decade in journalism and millions of pageviews.

📖 Training

Get the hands-on help you need for WordPress confidence so you can save money on folks like me and create the content you need.

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Happy Clients

"Said it once, I've said it seven times, I cannot believe how you're this good at this. I'm honestly blown away. No one could figure it out—including people who did this for a decade."

Jeff Weiss, Passion of the Weiss

"David migrated my news website from a server that loaded pages slowly and kept crashing whenever my articles got a significant amount of traffic to a new, stable setup that loads much faster so that people who want to read my reporting can do so without problems.

"He worked very quickly and explained what he was doing in a way that I—certainly no tech wizard—could understand and act at key decision points. And he did it all for a very affordable price... but don't tell him I told you that."

Tom Angell, Marijuana Moment

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