David Greenwald is a writer, photographer and cat owner in Portland, Oregon.

David Greenwald

I'm The Oregonian pop music critic. Before, I lived in Los Angeles and worked for Billboard, the Los Angeles Times and Access Hollywood. I've written for Rolling Stone, GQ, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal and Slate. My photography has appeared in most of those places.

In 2005, I started Rawkblog, part of the first generation of MP3 blogs. It now hosts Pretty Little Grown Men, my Pretty Little Liars and pop culture podcast.

I've covered music, film, television, technology, craft beer, travel and men's style. In 2009, I tried to interview Bill Murray on a red carpet and he said, "Nah."

I've been a panelist at SXSW, a guest on "AXS Live," worked with UCLA students and am available to speak at your acronym.

Ask me about anything at david.elliot.greenwald at gmail dot com and on Twitter @davidegreenwald